Arts, Culture and Media

SubjectArts, Media


Type of DegreeMA

CostEUR 2,060 2018/2019


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What is the role of the arts in society? How do arts worlds influence local economies and communities? This programme offers insight into these relevant issues relating to contemporary arts worlds.

In the Master's programme Arts, Culture and Media/ Mapping Arts in Society students gain insight into the arts worlds and their organisation, aesthetic dimensions, social impact and the efficacy of arts education for contemporary culture. Furthermore, students learn to analyse and interpret artistic expressions with an enhanced view of how arts phenomena convey, negotiate or hasten cultural change. Additionally, the programme explores how the arts relate to economic, social and technical developments in an increasingly mediated world. Digitalisation and globalisation remain important concepts for this study.

As a student of this programme you choose an arts framework:

  • Arts Policy and Marketing
  • Arts Analysis and Critique
  • Arts Education

In addition, you choose an art form to situate your professional framework:

  • Film
  • Literature
  • Music
  • Theater

You complete the programme with an internship and a thesis.
The one-year Master's programme in Arts, Culture and Media is a specialisation within the Master's degree in Arts and Culture.


Career Prospects

The Master's programme in Arts, Culture and Media & Mapping the Arts in Society is highly relevant for those students who wish to pursue a career:

  • as a cultural critic with a specific interest in the institutional and societal context of art production, art distribution and art presentation;
  • as a policymaker;
  • in culture consultancy;
  • in a managerial position in the professional field of the arts.

Job examples

  • Analysis and Criticism

    Because writing and thinking about the role of the arts in society is especially important for this framework, a position such as arts journalist editor, researcher or editor is ideally suited for this tack. These positions are found within newspapers, magazines and media companies.

  • Arts Education

    If you choose Arts Education, you will work within organisations that consult upon the content and organisation within the field of arts and cultural education. Here, you will be ideally suited for a position in the national, provincial or local government or for an educational department within institutions such as a cultural centers or museums.

  • Arts, Policy and Marketing

    With arts, policy and marketing you can work, for example, as a professional organiser, manager, marketing or publicity agent. These positions appear in city theatres, festivals, orchestras or publishers and museums. In this field, you could also provide support and consultation for policy and other arts-related advice functions relating to national, provincial or local governments.

  • Other job possibilities

    There are other employment possibilities such as a position by a media company or for the advertisement and commercial field. Former students have also begun their own successful arts organisations, advice bureau or research institution in the field of arts, culture and event organisations.

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