Global Governance

SubjectInternational Relations, Policy


Type of DegreeMA in International Relations

CostEUR 2,060 2018/2019


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How effective is the United Nations? Can the European Union survive the wave of nationalism it is facing? Does the power of the IMF and the World Bank reach too far? Find out in this programme.

Global Governance, a specialisation of the Master's in International Relations, seeks to understand the role of international organisations in world politics from a world society perspective. In face of the latest phase of globalisation (following the micro-electronic revolution) the focus of IR is changing from a sovereignty-based analysis of world politics and world economy to a society-based analysis. The leading question in a world society perspective is: how do 7 billion people organise themselves in terms of cooperation and conflict? How do they define and manage collective interests and collective challenges?

Politics, economics, identity formations, and other types of culture are seen as expressions of the resulting struggles and collective efforts. Global Governance investigates the new balance between public and private organisations that shape the contours of the present world order. Historical and constructivist methodologies, as well as Multi-level Governance approaches are applied to interpret the critical interplay between these globalised realms of private and public interests. Central themes are Human Rights, development, ethics and power.


Career Prospects

The Master's specialisation is broad in scope and gives students a solid foundation in international relations. There is consequently a wide range of employment opportunities for International Relations graduates. The most obvious profession is a policy advisor, but you could also become a researcher, lobbyist, diplomat, or PR officer. You can work in international business, non-profit or government organisations, in the media, and at a university or a private research institute.

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