International Business & Languages

SubjectBusiness , Languages


Type of DegreeBBA

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Type of Course and Duration:

Bachelor of Commerce, 4 Years

Tuition Fees (UK/EU students):

2013/2014 - €1,835

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The International Business and Languages (IBL) programme at Stenden is offered in our Emmen campus. The programme is designed keeping in mind the international environment and the role of international business relations in the current and future global marketplace. Graduates of this programme are equipped with skills to grow from starting positions to middle and senior management positions. IBL graduates are also vital in playing a leading role and are able to represent their organisation as a fully-fledged discussion partner in commercial, legal and financial areas in three modern languages – verbally and in writing.

International Business & Languages (IBL) graduates are equipped to play a leading role in company’s international activities in the preparatory, planning and implementation phases.

What can I become?
On completion of the International Business and Languages programme graduates can find work in either the Netherlands or abroad in international business, communication or with a non-profit organisation, and at various levels of management positions. International Business and Languages can lead to good career opportunities for those with a mindset on business and a heart for culture.


“I learnt a lot during my internship with the local government organisation in Guadalajara, Mexico. Working for the foreign affairs department, I set up a distribution centre in Rotterdam for Mexican companies. It demanded considerable initiative and determination and meant I grew tremendously as a person.”

Cees Voorn, graduate in International Business and Languages

Graduates with a degree in IBL take on a positions such as:

  • International marketing manager considering the strategic application of marketing techniques, the market approach, the definition of target groups, and so on.
  • Account managerresponsible for all international contacts between the company and particular clients or client groups.
  • Export managerinvestigating and advising on opportunities for exporting products or services.
  • Manager of corporate communications responsible for internal and external corporate communication, determining the communication programme and interpreting communication in different cultural contexts.  

The programme: what can you expect?

IBL has an informal atmosphere in which everyone knows each other and where there is room for a personal approach. The academic team is multicultural teaching team, and there is significant emphasis on international contacts. Students also spend at least six months at one of Stenden’s overseas campuses or opt to spend six months studying at a partner institution in or outside Europe.


“I must say that you’ve done an excellent job! Many thanks! I like the way you worked things out and made practical suggestions for everyone on how to raise turnover in the Italian market.”

Dr. Markus Kampf, internship supervisor at Naturata AG


The first year of the programme comprises a broad range of subjects in order to develop a good basic knowledge that students can build on for the rest of their degree. In addition to economics, management and organisation, cross-cultural management, law and communication, students also take two additional languages next to English.

In the main phase of the programme, focus lies on developing skills needed by a manager and its practical application. The International Business and Languages programme has a major-minor structure with the minor subjects complementing your major, adding breadth or depth to your study. You could also opt to join an international company based in the Netherlands. On graduation, you hold the title of Bachelor of Business Administration.

International Focus

IBL is designed for graduates to work in international global environment. Due to strong focus on learning languages alongside internal business aspects, graduates are well equipped with skills and competencies that are demanded by multinational employers. Although English is the language of instruction within the IBL programme, students can choose French, German or Spanish as a second or third foreign language. Furthermore, students are also required to do minors abroad in order to enhance their international portfolio


Minors in this programme include:

  • International leaning companies
  • International marketing and cross-cultural management

Furthermore, some students also take benefit from our wide range of exchange programmes. An exchange programme give students the opportunity to take courses not offered at their home campus. They benefit from studying in new environment, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. It is an excellent way of combining studying and travelling.

Programme start dates

You can start this programme in either September or February

Location: Emmen, the Netherlands

Check out the testimonial of a British student, Sanjeev Kumar, currently studying this course at Stenden University of Applied Sciences.

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