Practical Information

Choosing to go university is a big decision in any case. Choosing to go to university abroad can seem even more daunting.

There are many things that you need to consider if you want to go abroad. The application process, securing a student loan, finding accommodation will all be more complicated than going to a British university. Having said that, it doesn’t need to be that difficult and, as with most things, the more time you allow for the process, the smoother it will go. These pages of are designed to let you know what to look out for if you want to study in Holland. In addition to the “official” information we provide here, you might also want to search for our facebook page, Dutch Degrees, where you can speak directly to British students who have gone through the process already and are now settled at their university in the Netherlands.

We cannot guarantee that the information contained here is completely accurate. However, we believe that it provides you with the best possible start for planning your higher education in the Netherlands. If there is anything that you feel is not addressed here, please send us an email on

About Study In Holland is an information service designed to assist British and Irish students in pursuing their university education in the Netherlands.

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