Which Subjects Can You Study in Holland?

While the Netherlands offers a wide range of Bachelor's and Master's degrees taught in English, there are some subjects that are not currently available. Our database is regularly updated so you can have reasonable confidence that if a subject is offered in English, you will be able to find it in our course search facility. Subjects that we are often asked about that are not currently available at Bachelor's level include  criminology, dentistry, nursing, geography and biology. In some cases there may be degrees that are suitable for some students of these subjects but there is no direct comparison to UK university degrees. The choice at postgraduate level is much broader.

However, even if a course is available this doesn't necessarily mean that going to a Dutch university is the right thing for you to do. You may have a very specific post-graduation career outcome in mind and studying your full degree overseas may not be the best move if you are planning to work in the United Kingdom. You are unlikely to experience any real difficulty as a result of gaining a Dutch degree but there are some professions where it is worth checking in more detail. In these pages we include information on whether recognition is likely to be an obstacle to pursuing a particular profession.

We are generally confident of the quality of Dutch higher education and their national accreditation system is renowned for maintaining high standards. This does not mean that Dutch universities are necessarily better than anything on offer here in the United Kingdom. There are many subjects and/or professions where we believe you are offered a straight choice between the two countries when it comes down to quality of education. What will make the difference is more likely to be your own approach to gaining international experience. This is something we cannot really help you with but if it is your desire to study in the Netherlands we think it is highly likely to be a wise investment of your time and money.


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