What grades do you need to get in to a Dutch university?

The admissions process for Dutch universities is very different from the British system. Although there is now a centralised admissions process, Studielink, it does not work in the same way as UCAS.

With very few exceptions you are entitled to a place to study at a Dutch university if you have a school leaving certificate. For British students, this typically means that you have completed at least 2 A' levels. For this reason it is usually much easier to receive an offer from a Dutch university. You will not be made a conditional offer, you will simply be told that you will be accepted subject to your achieving your A’ levels in the summer. For information on the practicalities of applying please refer to the Studielink page of this site.

The application deadline for most courses is 1st June for EU students for admission to university in the following September. The exceptions are courses that are subject to Numerus Fixus; these always have earlier application deadlines.

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