Cost of Living

The cost of living is the main expense involved in studying in the Netherlands. But even here, the costs are unlikely to be higher than those involved in studying in the United Kingdom. Some cities are obviously more expensive than others, with Amsterdam being the most expensive destination.

The Dutch university year lasts roughly from 1st September to 30th June. Each of the 10 months you are at university will cost you the following amount:

Rent   €350-800
Food, Groceries etc   €180
Tuition   €200
Study Materials   €50
Insurance   €80
Clothes, Entertainment   €100
Total   €960 (c.£800)

The main differences in the cost of living between the UK and the Netherlands are to be found in the cost of accommodation. This is usually cheaper at Dutch universities but often not exactly comparable in terms of standard. There are a number of private halls of residence in Dutch cities but the more typical student accommodation is in shared apartments with self catering or in private flatshares.

Other expenses in the Netherlands include the purchase of a bicycle. To be more accurate, probably the purchase of several bicycles as they do get stolen. It is certainly a wise investment to spend money on a good lock.

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