Zoe Parsons


University: Hanze University of Applied Science

Course: International Communication

Year: First year

International Communication is a hands-on programme where everything we learn is applied to realistic communication situations. I have a part time job in communications alongside my studies and I have been able to directly apply the skills and knowledge which I have learnt on the programme so far. The programme is constantly adapting to new trends in the communications world which means that students here graduate with the most up-to-date skills needed for a career in communications.

We are encouraged to take responsibility and act as communications professionals from the start, negotiating with and working with clients and lecturers rather than simply following instructions. I like the fact that whilst the projects are clear, you can take them in your own direction by adding your own creative ideas. Even in the first year, we have had the opportunity to work with clients on real projects which I feel is something which makes this programme stand out. This provides valuable experience in the industry and gives a taste of what a future career in communications might look like.

The thing I enjoy most about the programme is that we work in groups of students from many different nationalities and cultures. Being able to work in an intercultural environment is now highly desired on the career market. International Communication helps me not only to develop this skill, but also to appreciate and enjoy the varying and diverse perspectives which people have on the world.

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