SubjectHealth, Sport


Type of DegreeBSc

EU FeesEUR 3,083

Cost non-EUEUR 6,816

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"The course is very well structured and from the beginning you have to apply all of your theoretical knowledge so you become a successful physio in the future, not just learning for exams. In my year, there are people from all over the world and studying with international students is a great opportunity to learn about different cultures and makes a much more stimulating environment."

Lucy Carveth-Johnson


Programme introduction

The Physiotherapy programme teaches students to assess and treat patients with temporary or long-term physical injuries, movement disorders or disabilities. The goal is to achieve the highest possible degree of recovery, activity, participation and quality of life. Graduates may work independently or as a member of a health care team, as a Physiotherapist. There are currently more than 100 students from over 30 different countries studying Physiotherapy, at Hanze UAS. The majority of students studying Physiotherapy are European. However, many students also come from Asia, the United States of America, Australia and the Middle East.

Programme structure

This programme takes four years to complete. Each year is divided into two semesters and each semester into two blocks. During these blocks, you will have approximately 18 contact hours per week. Independent learning and practical training fill the remaining hours. The theoretical part is offered in small tutorial groups (12 students). Assessments take place at the end of each block.

During the first year, the programme focuses on preparing students for the Physiotherapy profession. Medical-biology and physiotherapeutic subjects will be reviewed, by studying various types of patients. You will start studying subjects such as psychology, sociology, psychopathology and communication skills.

During your second year, you will study both theory and methods of treatment, in more in-depth. Every block will be completed with an exam, as in the first year.

During year 3 and the first semester of year 4, you will take the minor Physiotherapy and Adults, you will start your work placement and you will also have to choose an exchange programme or minor. It's possible to choose an exchange programme or minor abroad at one of our partner universities, or at Hanze UAS, Groningen. For example the minors Global Health & Quantified Self, Healthy Ageing or Sports. In the last semester of year 4, you will work on your graduation assignment in combination with your final work placement

The Physiotherapy programme is part of the International Health Care School. Therefore, we prepare students for the global job market. Students will be guided and given advice on their career choices from the first year. In the third and fourth years, students can make choices based on what will benefit their careers. The programme offers many career development opportunities. As mentioned earlier, it is possible to study abroad through an exchange programme at one of our partner universities. External clinics are compulsory during the programme and preferably done abroad.

How to apply

British applicants must have at least three A-levels. If you have BTEC Level 3 qualifications in relevant subjects, please contact us for further advice.

The application deadline for the Physiotherapy bachelor's programme will be 15 January as of this academic year. Students will need to apply through Studielink by this deadline.

The Physiotherapy programme uses an entirely decentralised selection procedure and the decentralised selection procedure involves the submission of an application form which the prospective student will receive after 15 January.

The video below shows you every step you need to take to apply for a programme at Hanze University of Applied Sciences.

Career opportunities

With a physiotherapy diploma, you have a broad future. In your own country as well as abroad, you can work in a hospital, nursing home, rehabilitation centre of a medical day nursery. You could also set up your own practice. Dutch education is highly regarded internationally.

Continuing your studies after your Bachelor's programme

Do you want to shift your knowledge, career, ambition or passion into a higher gear after your Bachelor's? Enrol in a Hanze Master's! Check our website for a complete overview of our Master's programmes.

For more information on the programme, admission and application, Groningen or the Netherlands, please visit our website.

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