Over 5,000 students – many international - from HAS University of Applied Sciences and Fontys University of Applied Sciences live and study in Venlo.

Located in the southeast of the Netherlands close the German border, Venlo is an old city full of character with many historic buildings and a history dating back to the 11th century. Being close to the border means that many of the local population of 100,000 speak Dutch, German and English and this creates a very multi-cultural environment.

In 2013 Venlo was awarded the Best City Centre for 2013-15. Although in Dutch you can get a taste for what Venlo is like by watching this video: 

There have been many improvements to the city in recent years including a new bridge over the River Meuse, a modern train station and a new 24-hour shopping centre called Massboulevard. As the city is located on the River Meuse it has developed as a key hub of transport and logistics for many companies whose goods arrive into the port of Rotterdam and then continue to Venlo before being distributed across Europe.

Venlo has many festivals including the annual carnival and there are regular cultural events at the De Maaspoort theatre and city’s two museums, the Limburgs Museum and the Museum van Bommel van Dam.

Venlo can also offer many sports activities and events too – the city’s VVV-Venlo football club is well-known and professional runners and amateurs regularly compete in the annual half marathon at Venloop.

Venlo is conveniently located for day trips to Roermond, Eindhoven, Maastricht, or Amsterdam.

You can find more information about student life in Venlo on the Venloverbindt website.


Getting To Venlo

Venlo has 4 main airports in its vicinity with various routes from the UK:

- Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

- Eindhoven Airport

- Airport Weeze

- Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Universities in Venlo

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