Logistics Management - International Fresh Business Management

SubjectAgriculture, Business


Type of DegreeBBA

EU FeesEUR 2,314


Cost non-EUEUR 7,066

What is Fresh Business?

To find fresh products in today’s supermarkets is regarded as absolutely normal. But how do they find their way to the shopping baskets of the consumers? How are they produced, packed, traded, transported and sold? Who ‘develops’ new food concepts? And, very important, how is it guaranteed that everything is in good condition, healthy and ‘value for money’? All these questions and many more, have to be answered by professionals in the world of fresh business. 

The world of international fresh business covers all the primary production of fresh products in all thinkable domains: from meat over dairy, flowers, plants, mushrooms and nuts to all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Besides production, also the first steps of processing of the primary products are part of our world of fresh business. But don’t forget the entire surrounding environment of suppliers, consultants, and logistical service providers, who form an integral part in this dynamic field of business. Yes, it deals with products and services, but the bottom line is, it always concerns people. People who see it as their challenge to fulfil the true needs of the consumers all around the globe: healthy and safe food and a nice and personal decorated ‘living space’.

International Fresh Business Management

The new Fontys study programme “International Fresh Business Management (IFBM)” will precisely answer the questions in the first paragraph. From production till consumer, products flow through a lot of hands. They follow a chain of further processing steps, the so called Fresh Supply Chain. The product will be further processed, repackaged, refined and appear in commercials. Many steps and people are involved, until a product eventually lands on the table of the consumer.

“International Fresh Business Management” is a study course that combines marketing, logistics, economics and the knowledge of the fresh chain for local, regional and international markets. Food marketing addresses all aspects relevant for selling fresh produce: from market research and analysis to the development of strategic marketing plans and the development and implementation of operational marketing and sales plans. Food logistics organizes the flow of fresh produce from seed to plate. You pay attention to buying, organization, production, transport planning and packaging. You learn how to manage the supply chain and how to build long term relations with satisfied suppliers and customers. You also acquire basic knowledge of accountancy, economics, management skills, communication skills and Dutch and English.

What will I do in the 4 years of my bachelor?

All bachelor programmes at Fontys International Campus Venlo have a duration of four years. Each year is made up of two semesters. The first course year is our Foundation Year. The Foundation Year offers room for orientation and selection.

After the first year you enter the three year Main Phase. In the second course year the Main Phase consists of the acquisition of professional competences in the Mini Company. You will start your own company with other students, sell shares, write a business plan and sell an actual product. During the work placement in the third course year all students conduct a 5 month internship within a company. After this you return to ‘the Learning Community’ for feedback and additional subjects. At the end of the course you will write your graduation assignment. Once again this takes place within the framework of a 5 month work placement in a company.

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