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Are you interested in food, agriculture and horticulture, green open spaces, nature, the environment or agribusiness? You are welcome at HAS University of Applied Sciences, the green education and expertise centre of the South of the Netherlands and beyond.

HAS University of Applied Sciences is a market-oriented higher education institute with campuses in Den Bosch and Venlo. In order to prepare you for the professional field, you spend around one quarter of your studies on traineeships. At the end of your first year you do a work experience traineeship for the period of one term. In your third year, you do two extended project traineeships for a total of 30 weeks, one of which must take place abroad. In your fourth and final year, you complete your studies with a company assignment of 20 weeks: a business problem which has to be solved by you and your fellow students, supervised by lecturers and advisers. A personal approach is of paramount importance at HAS, and during your studies you can count on intensive support by a coach.


Centre of Growing Concepts

The Centre for Growing Concepts is a top-of-the-arts research facility where HAS students can study the latest technology in the field of plant production and (multilayer) cultivation. In the climate cells you can research the various factors that influence plant growth, such as light intensity, light colour, temperature, C02 content and humidity. The climate cells are equipped with the latest LED modules from Philips Lighting.

University garden and greenhouse

HAS University of Applied Sciences just built a brand-new 2 hectare university garden where you can find a large collection of plants, flowers, trees, shrubs and other sorts of vegetation. HAS also has its own greenhouses (1500 m2) and eight high-tech climate chambers, called the Centre of Growing Concepts.

Technology Hall

In the technology hall you can find a large number of set-ups and simulations that can be used for technological research in the field of Animal Husbandry & Animal Care.


The new building contains numerous food chemistry and microbiology laboratories. Here you can perform physical, chemical and microbiological research and tests concerning food safety. Test the chicken legs of yesterday's barbecue, or research sustainability of organic products.


UK students who are eligible to attend higher education at home are generally also eligible for a study at HAS University of Applied Sciences. Note that for some courses you need a solid background in chemistry and/or mathematics. Your eligibility will be examined on the basis of your diplomas and subject combinations. In general, the following admission criteria apply:

Students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland:

  • GCSE with at least four subjects with marks ranging from A*to C, plus A-levels in at least two subjects (six different subjects in total), or
  • GCSE with at least three subjects with marks ranging from A* to C, plus A-levels in at least three subjects (six different subjects in total)

Students from Scotland:

  • SQC with four subjects at credit standard/intermediate 2 grade and two subjects at higher grade (six subjects in total), or
  • SQC with three subjects at higher grade and three subjects at advanced higher grade (six different subjects in total), or
  • Certificate of Sixth Year Studies

Other courses at HAS University of Applied Sciences - Den Bosch

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