Human Movement Sciences

SubjectBehavioural and Social Sciences, Medicine


Type of DegreeMSc

EU FeesEUR 2,314

Cost non-EUEUR 18,500

More Information-

How does the nervous system control voluntary movement? What are the benefits of exercise? And are these things the same for all people? Find out in this programme.

The two-year Master's programme is meant for students who are fascinated by the complexity of human movement. You will study human movement from multiple perspectives, using theories from Medicine, Biology, Mathematics and Behavioural Sciences. 

In this programme, you will acquire an advanced theoretical understanding of human movement. You will also gain research skills and professional skills, learning to apply your knowledge in a practical setting.

The programme has two central themes. In 'motor function and cognition in healthy ageing' you will explore how physical activity and innovative solutions can prevent chronic diseases, and preserve cognitive function. You will also study slow aging. In 'rehabilitation and functional recovery' you will improve your understanding of impaired movement and the restoration of functioning in rehabilitation practices.

It is possible to do a crossover between the Master's programmes in Human Movement Sciences and Sport Sciences.

Job perspectives

After graduation, you can continue your academic career in a PhD trajectory or perform research at health care research institutes. In addition, you can consult at rehabilitation centres, hospitals and specialised care facilities. It is also possible to evaluate and develop ergonomic or orthopaedic products or to develop health and welfare policies for government agencies. With a teacher's certificate you can work as a lecturer in education.

Job examples

  • Researcher

    Study for a PhD or perform research at health care research centers

  • Consultant

    Consult at rehabilitation centers, hospitals, or specialised care facilities

  • Teacher/lecturer

    Teacher/Lecturer of health and exercise science in Higher Education

  • Policy Officer

    Develop health and welfare policies for government agencies

  • Developer
    Evaluate and develop ergonomic or orthopedic products in/or outside industry

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