Financial Economics

SubjectEconomics, Finance


Type of DegreeMSc

EU FeesEUR 2,314

Cost non-EUEUR 15,600

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The Master’s specialisation in Financial Economics is intended for students who are eager to take on an intellectual challenge and who want to pursue a career in financial economics, either in The Netherlands or in international financial centre’s such as London or New York.

Financial economics plays an increasingly important role in economic life. Financial economics is a driving force behind corporations, markets and the modern economy. Without money to clear markets, equity prices signaling investment opportunities, debt to keep managers under control and derivatives to hedge risk exposures the world economy would grind to a halt.

The Master’s specialisation in Financial Economics focuses on three main themes: Corporate Finance, Investments and International Finance. Important issues in Corporate Finance are the capital structure, company valuation and the management of financial risk. The Investments track focuses on asset pricing, fixed income securities and the developing markets for financial instruments such as derivatives. The International Finance covers topics as exchange rate risk, interest rates and international monetary policy. Fascinating topics covered are the rise of private equity, asset pricing, asset management of pension funds, the abundant financial market anomalies, the increasing focus on behavioural finance and bidding games for acquisitions, and the rise of emerging markets.

The Master’s specialisation aims to provide students with scientific theories and tools in the field of financial economics, and to equip them with knowledge and experience that will support them in an international career. It provides its students access to fascinating and excellent academic research and allows them to benefit from the extensive co-operation that exists between the ESE and leading players in the public and private sector. 

The specialisation allows students to take advantage of the long-standing co-operation between the Finance group, the Accounting group and the Economics department of the Erasmus School of Economics. Because of the relatively large numbers of applicants for this Master’s specialisation, we are able to offer a large variety of topics. You are free to select your own combination of courses and seminars from the two tracks to match your personal interests.

About the Programme

The exciting programme attracts a relative large number of international students creating a highly diversified class. In addition to that, the Master in Financial Economics uses most modern didactical methods, including seminars with classroom experiments, cases and discussions. Lectures by guest speakers, company trips and a study trip will bridge the distance between theory and practice and help you get acquainted with practitioners and corporations. The combination of these aspects creates a truly international learning experience in a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

The master in Financial Economics is part of the Erasmus University Master of Science (MSc) in Business Economics programme, which is fully accredited by the authorities. Lecturers of the Financial Economics programme conduct research at the forefront of the field of financial economics and have excellent connections within the business community.

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