SubjectPhotography, Arts


Type of DegreeBA

EU FeesEUR 2,314

Cost non-EUEUR 8,595

You will develop into an image specialist who – in your individual and questioning way – uses photography as a tool to portray a world in ways that are thought provoking and visually challenging. You relate to the world through images. In doing so, you use your knowledge of the features of the medium of photography. Because in a broad sense, photographic images have their own character, offer specific opportunities and have a special position in the current visual culture. As a photographer, you also have knowledge of the language and meanings of images and you can apply these for your own purposes.

The inter-connected curriculum looks at imagery, photography techniques, theoretical research knowledge, skills and understanding. International professional reality remains a crucial aspect of the programme. The curriculum is project oriented and stimulates a dynamic work situation in which students experiment, explore, make and reflect, and in so doing constantly come into contact with new environments, challenges and issues.

The curriculum also looks at the continuously changing professional practice of today’s photographers. These days, the medium of photography is not restricted to a handful of professionals – almost everyone takes photos, often digital photos, and more and more people are able to digitally edit them. While everybody records their lives, manipulates their photos and publishes them on their own platforms such as social media and blogs, the professional photographer maintains the overview of the professional field and reflects on it.

Photography is increasingly about the way in which the images’ uniqueness relates to the world, not only in terms of the visual culture, but to society in general. This means that you not only need the ability to create strong and very individual images, but images that strongly relate to photography as a medium. You also need to be able to collaborate with others and to make connections with your surroundings such as to other image creators, society, your public, in order to create work that stands out from the snapshots on social media.

Creating Pioneers

Our successful Photography alumni include: Barry van Leeuwen (nominated for the Photo Academy Awards); Marylene Rutten (winner of the Drempel Award); Marijke Groeneveld (winner of the Leiden Photography Festival); Csilla Klenyánszki; Benjamin Li; and Erik Kroes.


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