Logistics Management

SubjectLogistics, Engineering


Type of DegreeBSc

EU FeesEUR 2,314


Cost non-EUEUR 7,066

Carrying something from A to B. That sounds very simple but there is more to it than you think. For example: at the time that the new iPad version is ready for sale, many logistics processes had to be done first. Think of the various components that had to be collected from all over the world.

Logistics Management Bachelor programme leads to the degree of Bachelor of Engineering (Bsc).

Logistics Management Engineering is a study field that offers you related jobs in many different companies: from automotive, pharmaceutical to wholesale and retail companies. Logistics Engineers are needed in many companies and institutions! Logistics is increasingly regarded as an opportunity to reduce costs and a way to gain competitive advantage. Within "distribution, warehousing, production and Supply Chain Management" control and coordination of goods, funds and information flows are very essential. The production and delivery of goods must always be at the right time, in the right quantity and at the right place. This is effectiveness which needs to be realized in an efficient way. 

Logistics Management Engineering Bachelor program leads to the degree of Bachelor of Engineering (Bsc). Logistic Engineers will be the designers of logistics systems. This involves production systems, distribution systems, installing warehouses or the improvement of logistics chains of companies. The Logistics Engineer thinks in systems and handles logistic processes in an analytical manner. Optimizing processes is done by using OR-techniques, quantitative simulation techniques or software applications. Often you will work in projects and leadership skills are essential.

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