International Spatial Development

SubjectDesign, Environment


Type of DegreeBSc

EU FeesEUR 2,314


Cost non-EUEUR 8,906

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About the course

This English-taught professional programme prepares you for a career in the creation and optimisation of international living environments and in the design, functions and accessibility of areas or locations. You will explore spatial development from an integrated perspective, based on urban planning, urban design and mobility – looking across country borders. You will be trained to become a professional capable of operating in the international market.

Study programme

This programme starts with providing students with foundational knowledge of built environment. Throughout your course of study, you will have various opportunities to built specialist knowledge.

A number of aspects relating to space and mobility will be dealt with: behaviour, design, planning and research. You will learn how to design safe roads, manage urban planning efficiently, influence people towards making clever transport choices and think and design strategically.

In design workshop, you will attend classes delivered by specialists from the field who will teach you all about the required design skills. You work on projects together with fellow-students. You follow courses and training sessions in small groups.

First year

The first year is about exploration and integration. You get familiarised with the comprehensive discipline. The courses and projects are centered around the following themes:

  • Dutch Design
  • Sustainable (Urban) Mobility Planning
  • Smart Cities and Societies
  • Water Management
  • Planning for an Uncertain Future: Flexible Use of Space
  • Energy

Second year

During the second year you continue the courses and projects of the first year. At the end of year two you can opt for becoming a specialist:

Strategic Designer

In this role you will focus on the integration of strategic design into the process of shaping society. Your objective during this will be designing future cities. Creative and practical thinking on spatial solutions are skills you will need  to develop. You will become a master in connecting social sciences, space and finance. You will attend projects and courses such as Illustrator and Photoshop, visualisation, drawing skills, design and urbanism.

Urban Planner

In this role you will develop a long-term vision of planning while at the same time allowing scope for all stakeholders to collaborate and accomplish their own ideas. You will optimise and align living, working and recreational conditions. Skills such as urban planning and design (based on quality of life) are used to create safer and  more attractive places to live and work. During this path you will take part in projects and courses focusing on subjects such as quality of life, financial control, environment and project management.

Manager Sustainable (Urban) Mobility

The main focus in this path comprises behavioural changes in the field of mobility.Just think of stimulating active modes of transport such as walking and cycling. Furthermore, you will look for solutions to optimise the use of public transport and integrate smart work and smart mobility into the daily lives of humans. During this path you will be involved in projects and courses such as traffic management, travel behaviour and safety, mobility management and road design.


Common and recurring themes during your studies are:

  • Dutch Design
  • Sustainable (Urban) Mobility Planning
  • Smart Cities and Societies
  • Water Management
  • Planning for an Uncertain Future: Flexible Use of Space

Career Prospects

Graduates are likely to find jobs as Strategic Designer, Urban Planner and Manager of Sustainable (Urban) Mobility at (inter)national companies:

  • advisory agencies
  • multinationals
  • small and medium-sized enterprises
  • government services
  • housing associations
  • private developers
  • design firms

How to apply

You will need to have three A Levels to apply to Breda University of Applied Sciences.

Candidates with BTECs in relevant subjects will also be considered.

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