Audiovisual Design

SubjectDesign, Media


Type of DegreeBA

EU FeesEUR 2,314

Cost non-EUEUR 8,595

Audiovisual media play a major role in information provision, education and entertainment. In our department you will learn to develop images and sound. You will learn about sound and camera techniques, software techniques, production methods and concept development. These elements will bring you to the heart of the AV profession – to tell a story through narrative film. You learn, together with a crew, to develop a production. In this work, it is not only the operational side that is important, but especially  the artistic content. You analyse assignments and develop original concepts for them. You will develop into an author with a personal vision of reality.

Our tutors have backgrounds in both theory and professional practice. They are researchers, script-editors, AV designers, motion graphic designers, interactive designers, autonomous artists, editors, camera and sound people.

We expect from you some basic knowledge on how to use imagery and of the audiovisual profession. You also have the drive to tell stories. Experimentation and risk taking are essential, and mistakes are permitted. You learn to reflect on your own work and the work of your fellow students. You will work on assignments given by clients and on assignments that you generate yourself from your own fascinations. You will explore your own imagery, and learn to work in a team. You will learn to pitch your ideas and to communicate with clients, crew and the audience. Ultimately, you will work on an end product that will be shown to audiences.

In the first six terms, you will learn to develop audiovisual productions. You will make one-minute productions for release on the internet or on TV, shorts for cinemas, audiovisual installations for VJs or for projection onto buildings, internet virals or autonomous audiovisual productions, images for a video wall or a first person documentary. Halfway through your second year you will go deeper into the knowledge and storytelling techniques from the first six terms. In the third year, you will do an internship and in the last year you will do a minor in one of the three Practices: Autonomous, Social or Commercial. After graduating, you can work as an all-round audiovisual designer, an interactive audiovisual producer, director or motion graphics designer.

Creating Pioneers

Our successful Audiovisual Design alumni include: Willem Baptist (winner Golden Gate Award); Roeland de Bruïne (known for the TV format ‘Truman’); Michel van den Burg (listed in the HOT100); Jeroen Houben (known for the videos ‘Sef’ and ‘Yellow Claw’ and the short film ‘Sorry’); Jurjen Versteeg (Vimeo Award winner and From Form founder and partner); and Bero Beyer (known for ‘Paradise Now’).

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